A few pictures from our backpacking trip in Golden Gate State Park. . .in Colorado, not California, as the name might lead you to believe.


Yes, This is What I Think

I have issues with people making comments about teenagers, particularly to young children, in the vein of "Well, wait until the teen years hit." No wonder we have such a teen problem; we tell our kids from the time they're in pre-school that we expect rebellion and attitude as soon as they hit the big 1-3. And don't get me started about asking 5 year-olds how many boys they've kissed. . . .

Anyway, I like this article .


Just Two More. . .

Two of my Favorite Men

And, perhaps, my favorite graduation picture. . .it was obligingly windy (Would it be an Oklahoma graduation if it weren't?), and I think this one is great.


Hooray! We're done! Look! See!


TU has a tradition. There's a big bell in the center of campus, and graduates are supposed to ring the bell at the end of their university career. Kevin and some friends got together the day before graduation, and we documented the historic moment with photos.