Progress 3

In case you don't know, these are what the current stairs look like--steep, narrow, ugly, rising to a spot with no head room to walk, and wasting a whole end of attic space.

The expanded hole in the ceiling:

Stringers, waiting to be mounted. . .

and mounted.

In order to make the new stairs less treacherous than the current ones, the upper part will cross into our bedroom ceiling a bit. I think this is a fair trade-off for the greatly-reduced likelihood of me breaking my neck AND the gaining of attic space for an extra bedroom. In the end, of course, it will be covered in drywall and such.



The plastic hallway from the front door to our bedroom, used to contain the dust as debris is carried out.

The new "hallway" where our back-to-back closets once were and where the new attic stairs will soon be.

The gaping hole in the former closets' ceilings, where the stairs will ascend and break the plane of the attic floor. This is exciting.


Happy Mother's Day

Now that the day is done, I thought I'd share pictures of the corsages I made for our moms this year. I think they are a clever and quite lovely alternative to real flowers.

If you're interested, here are the instructions.


Garden Update

Sunny days and warm temperatures have done wonders for my plants. These pictures are from earlier in the week, so there is even more growth now!


Morning Glories:


First Harvest!


A Day in the Life

. . .as currently dominated by my stomach.

I wake up. I'm hungry. Knowing that I will soon be sick if I do not eat, I have breakfast--hopefully in time to ward off hunger-nausea, depending on how much I have to do to get Kevin and Carolyn ready for the day. Except, eating only brings on just-eaten-nausea. Sometimes it subsides after a while. Sometimes it is only replaced by hunger-nausea around mid-morning.

A light snack will buy me a few minutes of comfort. Then I'm hungry for lunch, which I eat. . .bringing on more nausea. And so it continues. I'm either nauseous because I'm hungry or nauseous because I've eaten. Does that seem like a Catch-22 to you?

On the bright side, I'm sitting here listening to Carolyn sing sweetly to herself in her crib as she waits for sleep to overtake her. And each glorious minute is worth the entire day of this.