No Free Market Left Unturned

I am so very glad that our illustrious Congressmen have realized the significance of this matter and are giving it their attention.

When the government easily sees its way clear to intervene in the frivolous pastimes and pursuits of its people, tell me the word "totalitarian" doesn't hover on the edge.


Launching Paper Boats

I shudder to remember where my vivid childhood imagination would sometimes take me at bedtime, and this article by Nate Wilson, the title of which (The Amazing Tale of the Butterfly-Unicorn-Ballerina-Princess and the Giant, Creeping Land Squid) compels further investigation, almost made me cry.

If you have little ones, go read it.


Red on White

We had a beautiful snowstorm a couple weeks ago, and the brilliant cardinal (and his lovely wife) graced our yard:

Naked No More

Our living room and dining room windows are finally dressed!

It's hard to tell, but these have a fine navy, periwinkle, gold, brown stripe pattern.

AND, the powder room finally has a lovely antique mirror:


For the Praise of His Glory

We missed Worship yesterday, but our pastor e-mailed his sermon notes out. The text is Ephesians 1:11-12. This statement stood out to me this morning:

"We can trust his plan and purpose and the means by which he gets it done."