On (Near) Synonyms

I realize that the average person does not take a job at a fast food restaurant due to an extraordinary level of competence and expertise. But, being my father's daughter (Sorry, Dad!), I expect some basic level of competence pretty much everywhere--like the ability to transfer the order from my mouth to the register without grave mishaps or the knowledge that, if the cost is $10.55 and I hand him $11.05, I get 2 quarters back. Or. . .

we went to Wendy's yesterday, and I ordered a Mandarin Chicken Salad. I frequently order the MCS, and they've never before asked me what type of dressing I would like, because it comes with a sesame dressing. But the guy at the drive-thru window asked. We told him I wanted the dressing it came with. But when I checked in the bag as we pulled away, he had given me Balsamic Vinaigrette. So Kevin parked and I went in to trade. I asked the lady at the register if they had the Asian dressing. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, with a very un-customer service-like attitude, that they had never had an Asian dressing. I, very kindly in spite of a certain irritation, pulled the vinaigrette out of the bag. "Well, this isn't what normally comes with the mandarin salad. Do you have any of it?" She looked over at another employee. . .and asked for the Oriental dressing.

Excuse me.


Carolyn and Bob Dylan

Earlier this week, Carolyn was (for the first and, I'm sure, last time in her life) a little bit fussy. I was looking online for the words to the folk song "Froggy Went A-Courtin'." I found them, along with a recording by Bob Dylan, which I played.

Fussing stopped. Smiling ensued.

Music stopped. Fussing ensued.

Music began again. Fussing stopped. Smiling ensued.

Too Funny.

Carolyn likes to sing with us when we sing to her. In fact, if the person rocking her to sleep is not singing, she will probably sing herself to sleep. She's quite the vocalist, as my dad said, and we recorded her first smash hit to share with you.


Thanks for Kevin

As always when Thanksgiving rolls around, we gave thanks for Kevin's birth! This is what happens when you actually light and extinguish 26 birthday candles. . .

For Fathers

This post by Doug Wilson is a good reminder for parents. I have memories of various iconic moments with my dad; they are good ones, and I am thankful.