Long Time, No. . .Blog?

Hello all. It's been a while since I've really posted anything of substance (Have I EVER posted anything of substance?), I know. Since we disconnected our Internet at home (in preparation for the still-awaited move to Somewhere), my opportunities to blog are not abundant. So, some updates. . .
On the job/move front, we're still waiting. K is wading (and I mean wading as through a thick, murky swamp, not in the clear blue waters off a Hawaiian beach) through the paperwork and such that must be completed and approved before he can be hired. In June, they gave us a 4-6 month timeframe, so I suppose we're sitting at 3-5 now. We'll likely live in or around Annapolis, though we haven't delved into those options too deeply just yet.
In wider family matters, things are going pretty well. My youngest cousin got married last month and moved here. They live about 15 minutes from us, and it's nice to see her more often now. I got to help her do all the little things that have to be done when you change your name and move to a different state. Also, they're expecting a baby in January, so I foresee some garage sale and consignment shop maternity clothes shopping in the future. That will be fun.

I went to the Farmer's Market with a friend this morning, bright and early. It's really grown since I first started going a couple years ago. It used to be that, if you went around 7am, there were very few people there and you could have your pick of things. Now, traffic is already crazy at 7, and it's already crowded. That's good, I guess. It means more vendors and more produce in the future. This morning I bought a Roasted Garlic and Bell Pepper spice mix, and I picked up a couple recipes to go with it. The Spice Hunter vendor booth is amazing. I also got some black cherry tomatoes. They're a dark gray-red color, and I hadn't tried them before. But I ate one this morning, and they were good. I think, when I have a house and garden space, I should try to grow those along with regular cherry tomatoes, sungold cherry tomatoes (orange-colored), and these others I saw this morning that are a bright yellow. Wouldn't that make for great table presentation? And think of the fresh salsa! I like colorful food.

I also bought some fresh yogurt this morning. I've never been a huge yogurt fan, but I'm trying to learn. I don't like milk that much, and there is only so much cheese a girl can eat. So I'm working to expand my dairy (read: calcium) options. Flavored yogurt, though, has so much sugar that I avoid it. A couple months ago, we had breakfast at a friend's house. I made baked oatmeal, which we normally eat with yogurt and fruit. She buys plain yogurt, so that's what we had. While not my favorite thing (as if yogurt were even close, anyway), I didn't hate it. So a couple weeks ago, I bought a small container of plain yogurt. I mixed it with fresh blackberries (from the market. . .mmmmm!) and homemade granola and a teaspoon of sugar. I didn't like it much, but I ate it. Then, last week, I bought more, but a better brand this time. It was much more palateable. I even liked it. So today I bought some fresh-made yogurt from a dairy farm booth. They let me try a spoonful of a sample container they had open first, and I think I can handle it. . .properly sweetened with fruit and granola, of course. I think I can forego the teaspoon of sugar now. So we're making progress, and I feel like I'm making great health strides. I will probably get tired of it quickly, as I do cottage cheese, string cheese, and snacks that make milk worth drinking. But if I can gather enough options, I can just switch every couple of weeks and still get my daily calcium dose. Next on the list? Yogurt cheese and recipes that use it.

That's all my rambling for now.