Did Puritans really create public schools?

Check out this lovely article on Fox News about a parent who is being a parent. There's a good link at the bottom of the article too, and a link from that page to an article on homeschooling.


Naomi Joy said...

I don't know about this - totally worth protesting, but when people go and get charged for trespassing, I think it does more harm than hurt for their reputation. Although, rarely if ever do people get in the news for sending e-mails, so if the public outrage is what will help the cause, I suppose arrest is a good catalyst. I flip both sides on this one - my first reaction is to say, well, if you care that much, realize that your kid is in a government school and there's no way you can control what they're hearing and absorbing, regardless of any parental notification. But on the other hand, they are public schools and should be catering to the wishes of the public, so parents should have a voice. After all, they're the parents. Teachers and administrators are only entrusted with a job by the parents. But on the first hand again, is it bad to think that if the parents want to control the child's education, they should take over it entirely?

@lici@ said...

Certainly, there are several different arguments here. Regardless of which one is argued, it is safe to say that the government should not usurp parental control, even if offering parental/educational services.