Just a Tidbit

Friday is almost half-over. I might make it.

My throat is still rather sore, which makes talking (read: "yelling loud enough to be heard over a roomful of teenagers) painful. I'm also sounding rather hoarse. Only 4 classes left to go.

I'm afraid I have no amusing anecdotes to relate today. However, I will report that Kevin helped me plant my herb garden last night. Now if it will only live. I'll try to post a picture later. . .if I remember.


Naomi Joy said...

Live, live, please live.

@lici@ said...

Ummm. . .I was talking about the plants living, not me, you know. But they appreciate your fervor as well. :-) It must be effectual, because they've survived 24 hours already!

Naomi Joy said...

I KNOW, silly. I was talking about the plants. But hey, you living too is also a good thing. ;-)