Personal Responsibility, Version 2

I typed this post. . .or something like it. . .once already, but then the power went off and I lost everything. It was unfair.
I don't remember the reason for my title, so it may now be obsolete. We'll see.
K and I watched the new series "Black. White." last night (the series in which a black family and a white family are made up to appear like the other in order to experience life in different skin). It was interesting. For someone eternally intrigued by race relations, I found the experiences and discussions worthy of some thought. Perhaps it would be good if all of us could experience life in someone else's shoes for a while.
Oh, I remember what prompted my blog title. I was browsing through my previous posts (our of boredom while waiting for parents to arrive for parent-teacher conferences and procrastination while avoiding grading papers). I realized that I am a strange being. Then I wondered if I should take some personal responsibility for that. Then I decided not. Actually, what I thought was, "Nah."
Do you appreciate knowing the contents of my brain. Be glad that I can't share all of them in such a confined space as the Internet.

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Naomi Joy said...

This is one of your oddest posts ever. You start out saying the power going off was unfair, which is a non-Alicia thing to say, then you go into something deep, then something else non-deep.

You're not a strange being. You're just being strange!

Ha ha ha. Just kidding.