Overdue Quotes

It has been quite a while since I posted any inspriational quote from Domestic Tranquility. Here is a beautiful synopsis of a woman's job, based upon Virginia Woolf's character Mrs. Ramsay in To the Lighthouse, a book I may now have to read:
. . .Mrs. Ramsay produces little, daily miracles by imposing shape and staibility upon life's chaos. For her husband, her children, and those who might join her faimly circle, Mrs. Ramsay calms the whirlwind, stops time, and with the gift of her attention, structures for others a moment to share with her, a moment that they would never experience without her mediation. In these moments of permanence, Mrs. Ramsay teaches others that they count for something in this life. . . .for those individuals who have no Mrs. Ramsay in their lives, there may will be no moments of permanence in which they know that they count. They will be like unfinished canvases with a "centre of complete emptiness," without shape or stability. What is there in life that can replace the woman who "resolved everything into simplicity" and made "of the moment something permanent?" (author's quotes taken from Woolf)


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Yes, beautiful.

Naomi Joy said...

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