Nope, Not Dead, Missing, Lost, or Escaped

I admit to some reticence regarding returning to this world of posting. . .it’s the overwhelmed feeling of being so far behind that it is useless to attempt anything like catching up. This past month has been so very busy; it’s hard to know where to begin. I think I will allow a few pictures to suffice for my thousand words. . .although those will have to wait, as I am currently filling in at the library and have no access to my picture files.
Yes, I’ve been working on an as-needed basis at the Tulsa library, sitting at the tall Reader’s Library desk and answering various customer questions. It’s been enjoyable, for the most part, and interesting. I always have felt a sort of “homeness” in a library. There’s something about rows and rows of shelves and shelves of friendly books that soothes me.
I have also accepted a part-time position at a law firm, where I will be filing, copying, and generally performing office support duties in the morning, beginning next week. I hope that my position there and an occasional afternoon at the library will allow me the freedom to pursue and attain a thriving Arbonne business before long.
That’s all for now. One hour and 10 minutes until my lunch break. . . .

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