The Story

This post and the accompanying picture is for. . .you better know who you are.

While making one of the lovely cakes in the post below, I inadvertently made a BIG mess. And I mean bigger and unrelated to the inevitable big mess I make any time a cake is made and decorated. You see, several weeks ago, I splurged. I bought real maple syrup. It was expensive. It was in a glass bottle.

After it was opened, it had to be placed in the refrigerator. I put it in the door, behind round jars so that it would not slip through the hole made by the door shelf and the bar that holds things in it.

A few days before this cake, I used all of the mustard in one of the barrier jars, leavng a hole. I did not realize this. So, of course, during one of my trips to the fridge for eggs (the 5-tier cake used 70 whites!!! I make LOTS of trips to the fridge for eggs. . . .), it fell out. It made a great crash and covered my kitchen floor in sticky, liquid maple syrup. Needless to say, I had to suspend my baking to sop, mop, and mop again. I took a picture, in (you know who you are)'s honor. I apologize for not thinking of that BEFORE I started cleaning up the mess.

The moral of the story? Do NOT put glass containers that will slip through the crack in the door of the refrigerator, EVEN if they are protected by larger containers in front. You will NOT remember when said larger jars are emptied and disposed of.


Alissa said...

I'll get you some real maple syrup next time we're in New York. It's not that expensive there (I guess because they're close to the source) and it comes in a big plastic jug.

@lici@ said...

LOL. Thanks.