Memorial Day

Several families from our church went to New York this weekend, where the pastor has a cabin and several acres in the Catskills. Some of us camped in tents while others slept inside. The men helped with some work on the grounds, fished in the neighbor's pond (One of them caught a 4-pound, 20-inch widemouth bass!), and played several rounds of whiffle ball with the teens. The ladies (with some help from the guys) cooked meals, cleaned up the kitchen, went for lovely little walks, and played round after round of Scrabble. It was beautiful weather, country, and company. We really enjoyed it.

Here are Kevin and I, just before leaving to come home:

On the way there, we drove through Harrisburg. They have a nice area of restaurants, jogging paths, etc. along the Susquehanna River that reminded us of Tulsa--except that this river has water.

Sunday afternoon, I went to Watkins Glen with 3 others, and we hiked up through the gorge. The landscape is absolutely verdant--and when you read verdant, think vibrant and vivid and green.

This picture didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but they are wild columbine.

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