Remodeling In Progress

In the remodeling realm, progress has been made. The baby's room has a complete floor--no more holes into the basement, not even a trap door--and complete walls. The "hall" and bathroom have walls, with the exception of the area in the bathroom where the plumbing has yet to be completed. We've purchased a ceiling light for the bathroom, a wall sconce for the hall, a ceiling fan and light for the baby's room, and 2 wall sconces for our still-unlit living room. Sink, faucet, towel ring, etc. are on order for the bathroom, and the plumbing will be completed to exact specifications upon their arrival.

What's next? The walls need one more coat of mud, then they can be sanded, primed, and painted. Then the bathroom and hall wood floors need to be sanded and finished and the bedroom floor will get carpet. Lights, fixtures, and doors need to be installed, though the doors still need to be stripped of their lead paint.

I'll try to take pictures soon--though it's not nearly so impressive looking if you haven't witnessed the progression from utter destruction onward.

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