We're Still Here

In case you are going into withdrawals for Carolyn-related blog postings, I'll just let you know that we're still here. Kevin has been working day and night this past week stripping paint from our doorways, window frames, and columns, so we've been staying at a friend's house.

Carolyn is coasting along like a model child, as long as I don't eat much in the way of lactose-loaded sustenance. Then she turns into a fussy baby for a couple hours before she spews everything she's ever eaten out on whoever is holding her. So methinks I'll not be eating much dairy for a while--at least, not much at one time. She does fine if I have a little bit.

We go back to the doctor in 2 weeks, and I fully expect Carolyn to weigh in at 12 or 13 pounds. She's developing a bit of a routine, with the exception of a day here and there, of cat-napping and eating all morning and early afternoon before sleeping 3-6 hour stretches through the evening and night. She's even put herself to sleep a couple times in the past week, without a tear. Currently, however, she's registering her complaint at being left to her own amusement this long, and I am being called to the rescue.

Pictures will come when we get settled back into our house.

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Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

You must feel so unsettled! How long until you get to go back home?