Weekend (Plus) in Review

It's been a busy few days! Kevin's mom and aunt came to visit last Thursday and stayed until this afternoon. Saturday was our 2nd annual apple outing with several families from church, and Carolyn's 2-month appointment was yesterday.

We really enjoyed the apple day. The weather was beautiful--sunny and nearly 70 degrees. After buying a whole bunch of apples (guess what I'll be doing for the next couple days!) and going to the dairy, we went to a state park and grilled lunch before taking a group hike through the lovely fall foliage. Carolyn slept much of the time, but she woke up during our hike and thoroughly enjoyed gazing at the great outdoors.

Carolyn's appointment yesterday went very well. She weighs 12 pounds and 10 ounces and is 22 inches long (more or less. . .she's not exactly cooperative with the stretching out and being still for a height measurement!). She got her first two vaccines, screamed heartily, and then slept through almost the whole evening. She woke up at 3:20 this morning running a good fever, but promptly vomited any grape Tylenol I forced down her throat. Fortunately, her fever subsided on its own in a little over an hour. We went back to sleep, and she slept soundly until 10 this morning. She's slept more than normal today also, but other than that seems to have no ill effects.

We have decided that Carolyn definitely has a serious sensitivity to dairy--any dairy in my diet results in great gushes of sour milk from her a few hours later. So I'm on a dairy hiatus until Christmas, when we'll try again and see how she handles it. Many infants grow out of a dairy allergy, so we are hopeful that will be the case here.

That's the news. Here are some photos to complement:

Daddy's the entertainer

The Five of Us

"Life is Good."

Family Photo


Wife, Mother and photographer said...

I love reading your updates and seeing new pics of your beautiful family. Carolyn is growing fast!! Isn't it amazing!?

Rachel said...

She looks so thoughtful! Better watch out! ;-) I'm glad all is going well...Christmas will be here before you know it!