Be Careful What You Wish For

A week or two ago, I was thinking rather wistfully that Carolyn really didn't like to be rocked. She's never really been a "rock me to sleep" baby. When she was really little, you could sometimes rock her to sleep, but it's never been the norm.

Well, last week, she was really fussy one night. She kept crying like she didn't feel good, and nothing was calming her down. Kevin finally sat in the rocking chair with her, and eventually rocked her to sleep. She was adorable, sprawled out across his chest, one leg sticking out across his legs and one tucked up next to his stomach. It was a precious moment.

One of many.

For now, Carolyn has apparently decided that the only way she wants to go to sleep is in the rocking chair. Most naps and nights, unless she falls asleep nursing, we're rocking her for a while, though not always until she goes to sleep.

It would be easy to be somewhat frustrated with this new turn of events, but I know that it is a season that will pass all too quickly. So I've purposed to treasure these days, however many there are, when my little girl wants to snuggle into my shoulder and drift off to sleep in the rocking chair. Sometimes, you get what you wish for. Enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Some of my most precious memories of Kevin are our special time in the rocker. Hearing his breathing, feeling him relax, sometimes he would pat me on the chest or shoulder, or hold on to my shirt. Enjoy!! Love Mom

Alissa said...

We dreamed of a time when something easy, like rocking, would put Chloe to sleep. Then she got to a phase where she'd wake up in the middle of the night and ask to be rocked. At first it was kind of sweet, but it got old pretty fast. I feel you.