Observations on the Day

1) I forgot how much fun it is to have a house full of exuberant kids playing together!

2) It is amazing how quickly 3 extra running, squealing, little bodies' heat warms up a house!

3) When we remodel the kitchen, I need to remember chopping space that faces the doorway, lest I chop my fingers off while looking over my shoulder to check on the kids!

4) It's a great idea to start making a hot lunch 2 or 3 hours before you want it when there are 4 interrupters underfoot. (I did; it was actually ready more or less on-time; amazing!)

5) Dishwashers are wonderful things. I'll be glad when I have one again!

6) Whereas 4 disrespectful, disobedient children could ruin a morning, 4 well-taught and easy-to-correct children are delightful, even when said children are toddlers with the requisite caveats for "obedience."

7) Discipline is so much easier when the "Garden" only has one "tree" that is off-limits. (aka, Hooray for a mostly kid-friendly home!)

8) One fabulous feature of our house that I did not at first recognize: the 10-yard-long clear path from front door to kitchen back wall--a perfect sprint course!

9) Older children are fabulous teachers--Carolyn now knows she can climb into her play table and onto the bottom of the coffee table. Oops! :-)


Courtney said...

I totally know what you mean by how hard it can be to make hot food with many interrupters. I keep joking that my 2 boys are more like 4 at this point because of the language barrier (while still being able to conspire with each other). A hot dinner that used to take 30 minutes can now take 2 hours. Bless you for voluntarily inviting 3 other kids into your home!

@lici@ said...

Lol. Bless ME??? Bless YOU! Your 2 boys ARE like 4 boys, and they probably would be even without the language barrier, just because you're new to each other. So, with the language issue, maybe they're more like 6. . . ! ;-) At any rate, I really had a blast today--it's so fun to watch my little only play with other kids, and they play so well together. I'm sure your boys will get there. :-) So glad Sammy likes school, by the way!

Anonymous said...

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Cynthia Brown