Faucets and Fish

Our kitchen faucet sprang a spray-leak in the neck quite some time ago. As there are quite a few things to be done around here and it was not a priority, we (of course) duct-taped it. When my sprayer quit working reliably, however, I drew the line. Not certain what we wanted in the way of a new kitchen faucet for our years-down-the-road remodeled cooking area, we decided just to get an inexpensive, decent faucet. We selected a nice Delta chrome thing--nothing fancy, but quite serviceable. Imagine my glee when, walking past the Clearance Endcap (where I've dutifully checked for a lovable faucet for months), I found The Faucet! For the same price as the Delta chrome thing! And also from a trustworthy brand!

Kevin and Jim kindly installed it yesterday, and I'm in dish-washing bliss. Or at least as near to that as exists.

In other exciting news, Carolyn received an aquarium from her grandparents for Christmas, and we bought fish for it. Little did we know our gold Balloon Molly (who declined to be photographed) was a soon-to-be mommy.

Currently, we have 8 living--painstakingly rescued in our make-shift nursery until we make it back to the pet store. The all-knowing Internet says mollies give birth in numbers ranging from 12 to 100. I've seen a half-dozen dead already, so hopefully we're done. We really can't keep all these fish, anyway. Anybody want a molly?

The pictures aren't stellar, but. . .well, it's difficult to capture tiny moving fish through glass and water.


Anonymous said...

The faucet is awesome!! I'm so glad you found one you liked. The fish story is priceless. We had fish for years and never had babies. Good luck with the adoption process. Love Mom C

Rachel said...

Yay for clearance! :-)
Have fun with the fish! Evan has always wanted an aquarium, but I don't see that going over well in this house. ha How many big fish do you have?

@lici@ said...

Just two--hoping the 2nd one turns out to be female, too, so we have a limited future of fish babies. But we thought from the first it was male, as it chases the other constantly. So we'll see.

If you were closer, I would be happy to fulfill Evan's fish wish! I bet Nathan would love them.

Aunt Kim said...

Many years of fish and no babies. You must have gotton lucky, the girls would have loved to have baby fish. You do know Nathan well he loves his ish(fish)...meanwhile I am also in search of a facuet, so send the find the good deal vibes our way..