Fortunate Freudian Slip?

I had an oddly beneficial experience in my 4th hour class today.

At the beginning of the hour, I was very frustrated with them. . .and showing it. However, class progressed. We got toward the end of the hour and began our reading for the day. We're working on Macbeth currently, which means that I have to stop and explain the language every 20-30 lines (or less). During one of my brilliant explanations, I had a slip of the tongue. Actually, what I said was perfectly innocent, unless you're a crude adolescent who consistently takes certain words as slang words meaning things to which they don't remotely relate in reality. At any rate, as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I realized how it would sound to their ears. There probably would have only been a couple smirks, but I couldn't restrain a violent blush--a blush I quickly covered with both hands, which of course sent the entire class into a chorus of improper laughter. Curses on my imprudence! Nevertheless, I must say that my mistake seemed to break a bit of ice between the class and myself, creating more of a community atmosphere than has existed all semester. Amazing. . .and appalling. . .what things will get them on my side. I don't yet know what to think, and I'm still struggling to restrain a blush when I try to figure it out.

Oh well. I suppose any amount of class cooperation is worth a little embarrasment on my part. A very little. Perhaps the laughter today will help ease any trauma caused by April Fool's pranks tomorrow.

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Naomi Joy said...

You definitely get the points for the best blog post titles. Good luck tomorrow.