The prospect of endless catching up is not inspiring.

I didn't grade at all this weekend. I completed cursory lesson plans and finished a test key for something that should have been graded 3 weeks ago, but that's it. It would be a lovely sensation if it weren't Monday morning with all those ungraded papers now hanging over my head at the start of another week. The prospect of endless catching up is not inspiring.
Honestly, if my first priority is to make our home, and my current job substantially interferes with the fulfillment of that task, it is only logical to do one of two things: change my first priority or change my current job. Since I can't conscientiously change my first priority (and, besides that, don't in the least want to), the logical course of action is to change my current job. Right? At least, that's the way my obviously biased and perhaps currently not-so-rational rationale settles the issue. I have not, ashamed to say, made the matter one of serious prayer, so I should stop trying to rationalize what I want and just ask for open (or shut) doors and windows.
Well, as it is Monday morning whether I want it to be or not, and as my afternoon classes have a test scheduled today that does not yet exist, I must betake myself to test-writing.

P.S. - How many errors did you count in this post? I should not try to write before 7. . .either my fingers or my brain (or both) rebel.


Naomi Joy said...

I didn't count any errors. What does that say about me? Probably that I wasn't watching. I've made it a habit never to examine the English of English teachers, because they're always correct. Right?

I think your rationale is fairly rational. Are you saying you're going to try to get fired? 'Cause if you are, I have some good ideas how you could do it.

Seriously, though, a few more months is not that long. You may be able to hang in there. If no doors or windows open or shut, you may have to live with the current draft level and cope as best you can. You're still alive. Your house hasn't collapsed. You haven't gotten fired. So your plates are spinning, even if precariously.

Rachel said...

Is it bad to say that it is nice to hear someone else thinking along the same lines as myself? When does January to June feel like an eternity? When you are a teacher.