Eight minutes left. . .

It's Wednesday of a 4 and 1/2 day week. . .much better than Wednesday of a 5 day week. Of course, I have to work Thursday evening, so it's really just a modified 5-day week. We have parent conferences tomorrow night and Friday morning, then we get Friday afternoon off. I'm planning a knit/crochet session with a friend who's on bed rest in the hospital.

I'm supposed to give my AP classes options for their research papers tomorrow. Oops. . .forgot to prepare that list. I guess I'll be doing that tonight. I hope I can come up with enough. Their papers are going to be researched argumentative essays, so I'm wanting topics that have to do with current events. I want these to force them to survey and research something about the world around them. Examples would be: Evolution v. Intelligent Design in the Science Classroom, America: Democracy or Republic?, Affirmative Action, etc. If you have any bright ideas--or not-so-bright-but-it-will-do ones--let me know. I have 20 students, so I need at least 25 ideas. Bah.

Down to three minutes. . .

I've almost finished the grades for the 1st 9 weeks that ended last Wednesday. Luckily, our high schools don't give 9-week report cards, or I'd be late. At least, I'd have been forced to pull some later-than-usual nights to finish them by a deadline. The grades are looking better than they did at progress report time, but not too great in general. For that, however, I refuse to accept responsibility. I cannot force people to turn in assignments.

Time's almost up. I must go open my door to the populace.

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