If I blog. . .

I don't have to grade yet!

Last night we watched an old favorite movie of mine: Houseboat, with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. The idea was for me to get lots of grading done while being distracted from the time-consuming monotony with a light-hearted movie. Upon reflection, I do not know that this is a movie I should like, given certain quotes and elements not previously considered in a mature light, and I only graded about 8 papers. Oops. So much for my grand scheme.

It is now Sunday afternoon, and I should, of course, be grading. Have I mentioned how much I hate grading? I hate it.

On the bright side, K made brownies last night, and we have ice cream. Maybe I should eat those. Maybe I should grade first. Maybe.

I read a funny news article here about people stealing a delivery truck filled with $26,000 of beer. They ditched the truck, but of course they took the beer. What does one do with that much beer???

I'll contemplate working now. So long.

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Naomi Joy said...

HA! We were just watching that movie this afternoon. I love it - "presto, presto, do your very best-o". I tried to find all the words to that online but I couldn't. I just watched it for the first time at my grandma's last fall and I didn't notice anything questionable. Does that make me ignorant or just unobservant?