P, S, & K

It's Friday night, and I've been multi-tasking.
P: While cooking dinner, I composed a (somewhat) poetic tribute to my 2 days of reading student-written sonnets and ballads. Keep in mind that I composed this on the refrigerator with poetry magnets, which is as good an excuse as any for bad poetry and will perhaps save me from the onslaught of verbal irony.
crowds belch poetry
in a mortal manner
idle stock to forswear
some whisper vivid volumes
in the ancient language
of our moon

S: While watching our usual Friday night of new sci-fi shows, I completed several Sudoku puzzles.
K: Also while watching our usual Friday night of new sci-fi shows, I knit 2 more rows on The Never-Ending Afghan.
And that, folks, is P, S, & K

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Naomi Joy said...

I want to know if the S is for Sodoku or sci-fi? Speaking of, YOU DO SODOKU PUZZLES??? Since when? You're busting my theory that word people don't enjoy number puzzles. No fair.

I like your poem, especially considering it was made with magnets. Did you memorize it or did you run back and forth between the kitchen and bedroom to type that? ;-)

I thought *I* had the Never-Ending Afghan. My cream one proved too mentally taxing to be conducive to television I actually wanted to watch (the Olympics...better than sci-fi, I'm sure), so I pulled out my granny square to do the (quick) borders - HA. NOTHING is quick when it comes to afghans. And I think I put some tendonitis in my hands.