We returned home safely Saturday, along with 1 half-gallon fresh skim milk, 1 half-gallon fresh 2% milk, 1 half-gallon fresh whole chocolate milk, 1 quart fresh eggnog, 1 package locally made smoked swiss cheese, and 159 locally grown apples. Pictures definitely to come. Right now they are neatly arranged in rank and file on our table, and they take up over half of it. . .and our table is pretty big.

This morning I had pumpkin muffins and eggnog for breakfast, so I feel that fall and the holiday season has definitely arrived. The temperatures have dropped markedly over the past week, as well, and it feels like fall. Tonight I get the water bath canner for which I searched all over the area before finally ordering through a store, and tomorrow (hopefully) I start making applesauce and apple pie filling!

In the meantime, we're still looking for a house. No news there. We have, however, pretty much settled in a church, and that's very nice. The families we went with on Saturday were very friendly and helpful. They've even volunteered to help us if we buy a home that needs some TLC, with expertise, equipment, and actual labor! I'm very thankful that God so quickly provided us with "family." It's good to know there are people we could call in an emergency.

There's the weekend report, folks. Pictures of apples when I remember to bring the camera downstairs. . . .

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