I think I just saw one of these in my basement, in the (unfinished) laundry room. Unfinished means there are wooden beams visible above, etc. . .and one of the websites about this ugly thing helpfully says it likes to hang upside down from wood. And another says it jumps on people. And. . . uggggggggghhh. Don't tell me it's harmless. I did read the page I just linked to. I can deal with plain old crickets. Fine. No problem. But this monster looks a whole lot like a spider. And I don't deal with spiders. Irrational or not. I don't care. Do you think I could get a big lizard and let it live down there and it would eat them all? Do I have to go down and put my clothes in the dryer? Laundry just got a lot more painful.


Rachel said...

Icky, icky, yuck, yuck. I know what you mean about those things; they do look waaay too much like something creepy. What happened to nice, plain ol' crickets?? :-)

Mom of two said...

Isn't laundry painful enough even when you don't have to fear that one of those things could jump on your head?? I am with you though, I think the thought or fear of having such an insect possibly crawl, or worse, jump on me, would make me detest laundry a bit more than I already do!! Exterminator?