On Community, Part 2 - A Caveat

I wrote this the same day as the previous post. Perhaps they should be one.

Certainly, there is much more to community than the rather negative consideration of how our sins influence others. There is the flip side of the coin, that is, how our righteousness is an encouraging and edifying influence on others. Seeing others succeed at what I would like to be or accomplish has a great uplifting influence on my faith, my determination, and, I think, on my actual success. Also, there is another aspect of community, also more cheerful to consider, which has been thrust into my awareness over the past year. That is the length we will go to in order to aid someone because of a mutual acquaintance or loved one. In various situations over the past year, I have been repeatedly amazed at the love showered on people in this way. A simple hypothetical example would be in the case of a good friend’s children. Although I may not have any particularly close relationship or affinity for the child himself, still I would do anything within my power to help him out of a scrape for the sake of my love for his parent. In several situations, I have seen more than a common Christian charity shown toward someone of remote acquaintance because of a friendship with someone else. If it is discouraging to think that every mistake I make has a ripple effect, it is greatly encouraging to think that my close association with people I love can also be a great boon in times of need.

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