Vote for Me!

It is time I added a profile picture to this page. I've cropped 5 photos, from recent to a couple years old. So, it's readers' choice. Which one is the image I should show to the world? (We're ignoring that, with all of them pictured below, I've now shown them all.)

#1 - The organized and coordinated me

#2 - The friendly and conversational me

#3 - The makeup-less enjoy-the-outdoors me

#4 - The hiding-from-recognition me

#5 - The (What do I call this one?) me


sassi said...

i like them all :) if i had to pick it would be between the conversational alicia and the outdoors alicia.

Alissa said...

I like conversational Alicia.

Anonymous said...

#2 most definitely!