Bit of News

We've been busy on the weekends remodeling--and then recuperating in time for Monday. I have some pictures on the camera. Maybe I'll even post them.

I've started subbing a day or two a week in the county school system. So far, it's been typical. I'm trying to concentrate my efforts in one middle school of extraordinarily convenient location, hoping to become at least a recognized presence. So far, the teachers and administrators have been extremely supportive and helpful, which is always a good sign for a sub attempting to maintain some level of control and respect. When the regular faculty and staff obviously have your back, the students are much more likely to cooperate.

Being back in the school system reminds me both of what I love about teaching--namely, the teaching of material to and the varied interaction with growing people--and also why I was eager to leave. I'm enjoying the little change of pace, but I am twice as thankful for my days at home. We'll keep this up until the end of the school year, perhaps, and add some funds to our remodeling cache. I do look forward to being a full-time SAHW again. The weekly bread-making is already suffering some from my 2-day a week absence.

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mom c said...

Mom Clark, I've had a very emotional and spiritual week and I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your blog . It made me laugh and what a blessing that was to me tonight. I especially enjoyed the fire extinguisher! Hopefully you will never need to use it due to all the hard work from all the people from church, and of course my pride and joy. Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts.Love you both.