Good Morning. It's not yet 8 o'clock on this chilly Saturday in Maryland. Yet, so far, I've:
baked 18 muffins
eaten 1 of those muffins
scrambled eggs, twice
eaten scrambled eggs, once
cut 9 carrots and a whole package of celery into sticks
cut 12 small oranges into wedges
made 1 gallon of lemonade
gone to the grocery store
packaged said items (minus the scrambled eggs, but plus a whole lot of stuff I don't feel like listing) into the car
seen 4 people off to their day's activities.

And this is in addition to being up until midnight last night baking cookies and shredding barbecued beef for demolition-day lunch.

Nobody told me being a homeowner was like spontaneously becoming the mother of 8.


Alissa said...

I think most people would just buy them pizza.

Mom of two said...

Hmm...what a homeowner and hostess you are!! In this instance, I would have to agree with Alissa--I'd have gone the pizza route!! But, in the end your helpers will appreciate you so much more....good job!!

Sassi said...

If not pizza then ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches. However, it does not surprise me that you made them a wonderful meal! By the way we are so glad we got to see you. I will e-mail the pics as soon as I get a chance. Love You!