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It is not often I see a book of contemporary fiction that truly interests me. My book-sense, I believe, is irrevocably married to the classics. This post from Wittingshire, however, begged investigation. And further investigation begs to read the book, which is classified as being in the tradition of the Brontes and du Maurier (hence, true to my classics-love).

It's called The Thirteenth Tale and is by Briton Diane Setterfield. The biography quote that first demanded by attention? "I'm used to living a really quiet life with lots of space to think. I'm not used to being so busy and social and meeting all these people. It's not that I'm anti-social, just that I like my own company, and I've been living with people who aren't real for the past few years – I find real people a lot more demanding."

Check out the book's promotional website (there's a link on the Wittingshire page)--it's wonderfully Gothic.

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Marilyn said...

I absolutely love the quote. :)