More on The Hole

The Hole (see last picture of previous post) was created by removing floor boards to replace the plywood rectangle in the dining room where there was, at some point in the house's past, a floor furnace.

I suggested to the men that it wasn't safe to have a hole like that in the Baby's room, but they insist it won't be a problem. (Joke. That was a joke.)

On the other hand, I suggested it could be an enduring object lesson--to go with Jonathan Edwards' great imagery in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. You know, the part where we are all dangling like spiders over the pit of Hell and are only saved from falling by the mercy of God, which could end at any second?

Sorry, that's probably only slightly funny--even if you are Reformed, recognize Edwards' sermon, and have my slightly twisted sense of humor.

Not to worry, the hole will be repaired long before Baby arrives.


Alissa said...

Eh, babies don't really get around much for the first 7 or 8 months - just leave the hole until then.

Rachel said...

A house with a built-in object lesson!! I'm jealous! However, I do think Nathan might actually like the idea of dangling like a spider. I do believe it's a little hard to "scare" boys into being good. Rats.

Sassi said...

One of the things I love most about you is your twisted sense of humor :).

Anonymous said...

Your Dad just made a couple of remarks....he said, "That's not what God intended when he talked about holiness!" He's abit twisted too...now where did he get it? We'll skip the other remark. love you!