Other Doings of the Week

Also this past week. . .
our yard got some trimming, weeding, clearing, and general TLC
the rose bush made its way onto a trellis
the garden received much-needed mulch
the baby's room, including closet, and the linen closet got walls
a free upright freezer arrived in our basement
I got a maternity swimsuit and a few sleeveless tops to wear for the next 8 weeks
a tiny camcorder made its way into our possession
some new power tools augmented Kevin's growing collection
I had coffee--twice (mmmm. . .it's so good that Caffe Pronto is 20 minutes away!)
the midwife reports that Baby is still head-down and will probably stay there, which bodes well for the future
we saw a white ferret walking alongside our street late in the evening

It's been busy. I'll work on getting some pictures of the yard and house progress. Right now, laundry calls.

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Sassi said...

oooohhh...how exciting :)