Shenandoah National Park

We accomplished a two-night backpacking trip this weekend, celebrating our upcoming fourth anniversary and my impending lack of mobility (at least as far as trekking through mountains carrying a backpack is concerned). It was a great trip, mostly great weather, and gorgeous country. It was a bit warm in the middle of the day, but the trees were tall and created a cooling canopy, the rivers and streams we walked alongside abounded in cool breezes, and it was--in my opinion--totally worth it. Kevin obligingly carried more than his share of our supplies and muddled through 3 days of awful allergies on top of that. Here are some of our pictures:

Our campsite the second night was on a small mountain (large hill? raised area?) between the fork of two river branches. Literally, you stood at our tent and saw a river below you on either side. It was totally secluded and we slept to the burbling of the water. . .and the buzzing of the numerous bees that, fortunately, stayed outside the tent. This is the view upstream on one side.

Our first evening's hike was along a trail fringed with this small flowering tree, mountain laurel. The cup-like buds were really unique.

Kevin took this great shot from one of the waterfall overlooks.

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