Poems and Poetry

A Poem on Poetry:
Poetry, by Marianne Moore

Old Favorites:
Huswifery, by Edward Taylor

Holy Sonnet XIV, by John Donne

anyone lived in a pretty how town, by ee cummings

First fight. Then Fiddle, by Gwendolyn Brooks

And, of course, the unforgettable Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll


Naomi Joy said...

Thank you much. I love the John Donne the best. Your Gwendolyn Brooks link doesn't work.

That eecummings is just weird. I'm sorry.


Emma said...

Wat? I think the ee cummings is great! It's my favorite one of his. Did you try reading it out loud?

Naomi Joy said...

It's nonsense. And I...umm.....hate nonsense?

Hmm...can I get away with saying that?