Working Late and Recounting Drama

I'm still at school, finding anything to keep me from starting to grade the projects that my sophomores turned in today. I should just get started. One of my students from last semester just stopped in to chat. That makes me feel good. They may hate me in class, but at least I have some friends afterward. Ha.

On the bright side, I have a delightful and polite student here working late, too. The end of the quarter is Friday, and he's trying desparately to pass. He has a great smile and actually says thank you when I answer a question. Amazing. Besides, I get paid for overtime if there's a student here. . .it counts as tutoring, and Title I pays for me to tutor after school. Since it's Wednesday, Kevin's still in class, so I'm not missing much at home. . .just doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I'm sure they'll still be there when I leave here.

About my 4th hour trauma, err, drama this week. . .

we were supposed to have our class Renaissance banquet yesterday. Until Monday afternoon, when I cancelled it, that is. Behavior and respect were less than ideal during class Monday, and the last 10 minutes were more than I could handle. I gave up trying to talk. . .give instructions for the banquet. . .and sat down. Then, since no final preparations had been completed, I spent 30 minutes after school calling every student's home to call off the banquet. I was. . .what's that word? Livid. No, probably not. Just extraordinarily weary and frustrated. Angry, perhaps. Behavior was slightly better yesterday. Today much better. . .some key people were absent. Grades, on the other hand, are looking bad. The Renaissance banquet is generally a good grade-booster. Several students who had a good chance of passing with it are now in dire straits. However, I shall refuse to accept responsibility for that. I'm not the one who didn't turn in their assignments.

Enough. I must be productive. Farewell.

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