Psalm 73

. . .it seemed a wearisome task, until I went into the sanctuary of God. . .vv16-17

Reading at random this morning, my eyes fell on Psalm 73. The verse above especially stood out.
In context, the psalmist is bemoaning the prosperity of the wicked, and the "wearisome task" is that of trying to understand the use of purity when the wicked are evidently more prosperous. His dilemma is solved when he goes "into the sanctuary of God" and "perceive[s] their end." The close of the chapter is a repentance and affirmation of continued faith.
I don't think it improper to take this verse out of context and focus on just this half-sentece. What a beautiful, utterly true reminder as I begin my last Monday with my students. Teaching does often seem "a wearisome task." Fortunately for us, the "sanctuary of God" is no longer only a physical place in the city, but a spiritual temple within us. My task need not remain wearisome.
But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, to tell of all your works. vv28


Anonymous said...

You and Naomi should read this article. . .



Naomi Joy said...

This article is interesting. I don't like knowing in just what a sorry state things are, but at least there are still people who hang on to some semblance of truth, albeit often botched and distorted.