Children with Fins

After logging about 4 hours snorkeling with my husband, I am suffering from the acute fear that our future children will have fins and flippers instead of arms and legs. Has the human genome project found any remedies for this?

In all seriousness, it is rather amazing to see the many varieties of fish and other sea life. The varieties of colors, shapes, and even swimming motions that I, with my untrained eye, can pick out are astounding. We saw a small, grey, speckled stingray; a brownish-greenish eel; several beautiful, tiny, bright blue fish with luminescent blue spots; a large, horned fish with leopard-like spots that fade into nothing as it swims over the white sand; striped angel-fish; rainbow-colored fish; trumpet fish; barracuda; and others of all shapes and sizes. Some are smaller than my pinky, some are half my size. It's amazing. What an amazingly creative God to make so many different types.

The weather has been gorgeous. It rained both Monday and Tuesday, but it's even pretty to watch the rain here. The rain has also kept the temperature down a bit, although it does increase the mugginess. I've had fresh tropical fruit, freshly caught fish, and the ever-elusive caipirinha. It's nice.

Tomorrow we embark on a snorekl tour to 3 different reefs. I hope I can still walk on land by the time it's over! My poor knee may think I'm trying to force its evolution into a fin of my own!

I should go, as I must dress for dinner. Adios.

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