Like Grandad, Like Granddaughter

Whoopee! When I was little (before the popularity of microwave popcorn), my parents had an air popper. It had a little dish on top in which butter melted while the popcorn popped. We used it for movie nights and game nights and more. It made good popcorn, and I remember no complaints. But my grandparents, had something far better. They have Grandad. He always popped corn for us in a pan on the stove, and it was beyond comparison. No butter, just table salt. Healthier than microwave versions, too, I'm sure. In the past couple of years, I've persuaded him to pop corn like this again for various family gatherings. Over the holidays, I watched and learned!

Here is my beautiful stove-top-popped popcorn:

And the pan I popped it in:


Henry Schimke said...

You really should post a step by step on this, I was struck with memories of popcorn from my youth as well!

Alice said...

We've tried it like that, but it always burns for us. What kind of oil did you pop it in?