The Q Continuum

How, on this precious planet we call Earth, does one LOSE a Q hook??? I've lost--at least temporarily--myriad numbers of F, G, and H hooks. But HOW does one lose a Q(!!) hook? It's like losing a horse!

Nevertheless, I have lost my Q hook, and I am displeased, as I have strips of material cut, sewn, wound, and waiting to be made into rag rugs with a big, fat, Q hook. This is ridiculous.

I've spent a lot of today talking. . .and listening. I visited a friend (and her really cute towheaded son) this afternoon and spent a good amount of time on the phone with various relative and non-relative persons today. I'm thinking that I appreciate friends. The ones who I am very much like and the ones who differ very much from me. It is good to know people, to hold them accountable and know that they will do the same for you. . .that they will stare me in the face and be blunt when I need it. And that they won't think less of me for needing it.

I'm rambling, I suppose. I shouldn't be. . .I'm feeling slightly overly emotional. It's so hard sometimes to watch people make decisions that I know they have to make for themselves and to wish so badly that I could help--even when I don't really have a clue what decisions I think they should make. So it's not that I think I could help; it's just that I want to. This is barely making sense, even to me. Suffice to say that there are quite a few people I like an awful lot. I care what happens to them. And, currently, I'm wildly happy for some, mildly concerned for others, and sadly desperate for others. It's a night for extremes.

And yes, I watch too much Sci Fi.

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