I've been dreaming lately--or rather, I've been remembering my dreams more lately.

One night, I dreamed I had a 9 pound baby 3 months early. I know it was 9 pounds, because I weighed myself right after birth. The scale said 168. Then I weighed myself holding the baby, and it said 177. I'm not sure why it was 3 months early (it was a natural labor and birth), but perhaps already weighing in at 9 pounds had something to do with it. Unfortunately, since it was so early, no one would believe that we hadn't conceived before our wedding. . .even though we'd been married for 3 years. There's no arguing with the logic of dreams.

Then, I had a nerd dream. This will mean nothing to most of you, but I'll try to explain it adequately. Take my word for it up front, it was a hilariously funny dream. It was a romance--between Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis and Deanna Troi from Star Trek, the Next Generation. If you are a Sci-Fi nerd, enough said. For all of you normal people, McKay is the archetypical genius scientist--arrogant, self-absorbed, and utterly oblivious to the feelings of those around him. Troi, on the other hand, is half Betazoid--a species that is able to sense the emotions of those nearby. Consequently, she is sensitive and understanding to the extreme that Rodney is not. If you can't imagine why THAT made for a hilarious dream. . .well, nevermind then.

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Chris and Sassi said...

Very funny!