Yes, we are


Here is the fabric for the nursery!

Don't ask why the frogs are sideways. The Mac is not cooperating.

Coordinating green:

Solids for a quilt:

The walls are going to be a pale orange color, and the carpet is as of yet of unknown hue. . .perhaps a pale yellow.


Alissa said...

So cute! Congratulations again -- sorry I couldn't talk more when you called. Rob's parents were there and Chloe was running around all hyped up and it was just nuts.

Sassi said...

I love the fabric! It is going to look great!! Can't wait to see it in person :)

Cynthia & Fred Jenks, OK said...

What?? Why didn't you tell us. Congradulations. Steve had a baby girl the first of February. Fred has pictures Steve sent. Let us know if you want Fred to send them to you.