Celebrating Absurdity

At times, and sometimes more than others, life is absurd. For example. . .

Last Thursday, I had dirty fish water leaking through my classroom ceiling from a broken fish tank in the classroom above mine.

At dinner with some TU people Friday evening, a guy I'd never met called out, "Hey, baby" to a random girl walking by. Thankfully, she did not respond.

At TU Commencement on Saturday, I happened to notice a great lack of overweight graduates. . .compared, that is, to ORU, with all its physical education regimen.

Adults fighting like 5-year olds. . .the equivalent of "I won't be your best friend anymore."

Schools that arbitrarily take students' word and attempt to hold accused students accountable for vandalism without evidence, especially when said snitches had the motivation of free rent for turning in "guilty" parties.

Sometimes absurdity is hilarious, sometimes is horrific, and sometimes it is heavenly.

It is absurd that anyone, especially one blameless and divine, would sacrifice His own perfect life for any number of foolish, selfish, headstrong individuals who will never be able to fully grasp the enormity of His gift. Yet He did.

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Naomi Joy said...

What a great post. I think I'm going to adopt this attitude.