Strength and Dignity

Strength and dignity are her clothing,
She laughs at the time to come.

Proverbs 31 - I've decided I should memorize it for inspiration in my (ever so brief and ever so few) dark moments. Strenght and dignity are the catch-words of the day, at least for this week.

Naomi coined a new phrase—“epic mercy”—and wants to use it in poetry. I’m going to beat her to it. . .and write something more on the light side of the dark tunnel than my previous poetic attempt.

There are epochs in each life
When events transpire as designed
When tasks are all completed
When spirits consistently shine

There are epochs in each life
When things don’t go as planned
When jobs are left undone
When emotions get out of hand

Epochs of felicity, Epochs of fear
Epochs of peace, Epochs of pain
Epochs of darkness, Epochs of dawn
Epochs of rainbow, Epochs of rain

Though epochs ever rise and fall
As kingdoms and rulers of Earth
One epic forever continues
Of divine mystery and mirth

A cosmic epic directed by God,
An epic universal, reigns above
Epic justice, Epic redemption
Epic mercy, Epic love

I don’t particularly think I’m a brilliant poet, but I do love words.


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Naomi Joy said...

I'm speechless. Utterly and completely speechless. Wow.