Corn - the place, not the food

Tomorrow I’m going to a graduation in Corn, Oklahoma. Find it on a map. . .it’s about an hour and a half west of Oklahoma City. In other words, it’s mostly nowhere. In spite of that, I’m quite excited. The graduate is a girl I haven’t seen in several years, but someone for whose family I hold the utmost fondness and respect. I got her 2 sets of poetry magnets and a metal stand to arrange them on last night. . .I hope she agrees with me on the necessity of impracticalities.

With Naomi’s help, I have also been formulating a few words of limited wisdom – not so much advice as reminders from our own exigent college experience. It's a frightening experience, wanting desperately to save someone a bit of your own growing pains, yet not truly knowing if they are subsided enough to produce something of value.

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