Pachabel's Canon in D

I fell in love with this classic piece the first time we played it in Orchestra. It's the song you always hear at weddings--the one that isn't The Wedding March. As of this weekend, I have now had 2 dastardly experiences in which this beautiful work was tragically misused.
The first was during my tenure at ORU. It was a video in some class depicting parts of Aztec history. In one scene, they were depicting an Aztec man being prepared for human sacrifice. The music was dark, suspenseful, forboding. Just at the point when the captors swung a blade to kill the sacrifice, the music abruptly switched to the most upbeat section of Canon in D. I was traumatized.
The second was Friday evening at an otherwise lovely graduation. During a slideshow, there suddenly came a song I struggled at first to place. Smothered beneath a heavy drum beat and watered-down rap lyrics, there it was. Pachabel's masterpiece. I do not know if I shall recover from this travesty.

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Naomi Joy said...

Hilarious. I remember that humanities class. You were traumatized. How funny. I'm sorry you had to repeat the experience. May I suggest playing the piece properly and loudly for days to remedy the situation?