Home Again, Jiggity Jig

After 2 busy weeks away from our little hermitage--err, apartment--it is lovely to be home again. Cozumel was beautiful, the marine life vivid, the sun hot, the experience enjoyable; Florida was refreshing, the family reliably hilarious, the food overabundant, the weather muggy, the scenery gorgeous; but home is home, and it is best. I am going about my laundry and after-vacation cleaning in spurts interrupted by friendly phone conversations, pleasant reading, and the disturbing of Kevin at his new computer game. We have very little food in the house, so meals are a bit of a challenge. Neither of us want to brave the grocery store on Independence Day. Tomorrow will be soon enough, as I did (thankfully) have the foresight (or blind luck) to store 3 different meats in the freezer and a few miscellaneous vegetables in the pantry.

I have just been reading Home Educating with Confidence, by Rick and Marilyn Boyer. There is a hysterically funny and sadly accurate quote I must share:
New hypotheses and fashions are constantly slithering out of the swamps of imagination to sprout wings and go swooping through the swirling winds of mass educational theory.
After 4 years of college and 1 scant year of teaching, I can boldly say I know enough to proclaim it true. It's pitiful how many professional development workshops we have to school us in the latest "research" that will suddenly make our teaching effective. How sad that I can't even hope to be effective now, as I am sure "they" will discover later this year the one element I am now missing.

More later. . .

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Naomi Joy said...

A HA! You are blogging!
I am happy.
Life is good.

I like the hermitage theory. Silent, few people, chicken broth... lol.