You Know You're Affluent When. . .

an e-mail requesting a somewhat-expensive type of botanical shampoo contains the words "desperate need."

That's my bit of profundity for the week. . .and you should be impressed that I came up with that, considering the week I've had. Of course, it was catalyzed by an e-mail from someone in my Arbonne region informing all of a particular client's "desperate need" for this shampoo. However, the recognition for the recognition of the irony in that statement goes purely to yours truly. (How's that for a sentence?)

My dad turned 50 today. I think that makes me feel young, as many of my friends' fathers are already past that stage. Not that my dad's age has any influence on my age in relation to my friends' ages, so that really doesn't make sense. (Does that sentence make sense?) We had a lovely party, at which a multitude of people paid respects to the aged senior. (Yes, I know that's redundant.) It was much fun, and I was privileged to visit with several dear friends whom I have not seen in quite some time.

I really have nothing else of great wisdom to add, and it's a bit late for meaningless chatter. So, to bed with me. Good Night, all.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, certain comments by certain readers (ahem, NAOMI) should contain the following warning: "Caution: Perusing the following while brushing teeth may result in spewing fizzy toothpaste remnants." Luckily for certain readers (ahem, NAOMI), I rescued myself from this fate, even without the warning. Otherwise, I would certainly be suing for damages. Because that is what Americans do when products do not contain sufficient warnings for potential dangers.

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Naomi Joy said...

I'm not sure exactly what I'm getting blamed for here...is it my horrid mispelling of "though" as "thouh"? I wasn't being funny, I don't think.