Carolyn goes to Wal-mart

Carolyn made her first trip to Wal-mart today.

She got lots of attention.

I haven't actually done my own grocery shopping in almost a month, and, though my list wasn't that long, a lot of extra things found their way into my cart. I was also hungry. A month out of the grocery store and an empty stomach make a bad combination for grocery shopping.

We dropped Kevin off at work and went straight to Wal-mart, since early morning is the best time to go--usually, I don't even have to wait in line to check out. By the time we got in a parking place, though, Carolyn was rather upset. So we sat in the backseat together for half an hour while she ate, cat-napped, and ate again. Then I loaded her in the kangaroo carrier and we ventured inside. The bright lights on the high ceiling caught her immediate attention. . .and held it for the first 5 minutes or so. She just stared up. Then she looked around for a while. She started to fuss about halfway through the list and I was wondering if Kevin would actually get food for breakfast tomorrow or not--but she quickly buried her head in my chest and drifted off to dreamland, where she remained until we got home. Very impressive. If only shopping could always be this easy. :-)

This afternoon, we're off to Annapolis to run an errand for Kevin. I hope it goes as well.

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Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

Ah, I've done my fair share of nursing in the car(or on a bench at the grocery store) in the last 9 years! lol It is wonderful, though, when they sleep through a shopping trip.