A Text Update

Good Morning, all!

After an actually decent amount of sleep on Night 2, I'm feeling up to stringing a few words together in coherent form this morning.

The first night was, admittedly, long. Carolyn is a bit of a suck-n-sleeper. . .so, Sunday night, she ate intermittently for 2 or more hours, waking up to eat more if I made any motion toward laying her back down beside me, before she would go back soundly to sleep for an hour or two. Add that up, and I spent a good deal more time awake than asleep. Not the last time, I'm sure, that will happen. . .but hopefully the last time for a while that it follows hard upon 2 previous sleepless nights. :-)

Last night, Carolyn woke up regularly--every 2 hours or so--but would eat within 20 or 30 minutes and drift off soundly to sleep again. This schedule I can live comfortably with.

Today will be our first doctor visit. The birth center does not keep a pediatrician on staff, so the first baby check is with the midwife and nurse. Then we are supposed to have her see a doctor within the first 72 hours. . .tricky business when a holiday weekend is involved! I have a call in now and am waiting for an appointment.

Carolyn is starting to offer up tentative half-smiles, and her head control--which was good when she came out--is getting better. Her head has already smoothed out almost completely from its passage through the birth canal, and her face is changing a bit as well. Her hair is looking lighter and lighter to me--whether its actually lightening, or her scalp is just absorbing the oils and such that saturated it at birth--and some of it is almost what one would call blond.

We'll be sure to post more pictures by the end of the day. Have a happy Tuesday!

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Kristen said...

Ah, I remember those nights! lol I'm not a co-sleeper by any stretch of the imagination, but in those early days, I did do a fair amount of sleeping with the baby in bed with me.

One day, you'll get to sleep through the night again...promise! ;)