A Verbal Update

Hello All.

Just in case you thought I forgot how to post anything but pictures. . .

we're doing well here. Carolyn is sleeping in 4-5 hours stints pretty much every night, and anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time during the day. She hates wet diapers and doesn't like dirty ones much, but she's generally calm and quiet while being changed. . .unless she thinks she's about to starve to death, that is. She's not really chubby, but her length means she's already too big for some of the newborn clothes--mainly the ones with feet. Everyone is amazed at how well she controls her head and holds it up. She's strong--already pushing up off of my shoulder with her arms and "standing up" when she gets anything to push her feet against. And her fist grip. . .well, if my fingers weren't still a bit numb anyway, she might squeeze hard enough to make them that way.

Kevin's parents fly home tomorrow, and my mom will follow on Wednesday. Then families from church are stepping in with frequent meals for a couple weeks. I think I may be the most pampered new mother ever--a whole month of help! I feel a little like a slacker, but it is really nice to be able to ease back into housekeeping slowly, and I'm thankful. On that note, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still a little sore and generally sleepy, but I've been able to help cook and do laundry the last couple days. On Wednesday, we went for a short walk around the block, and that was nice.

Tomorrow will be Carolyn's second Sunday in church. As you probably noticed from the pictures, she was baptized last Sunday in the christening gown I wore for my own dedication. We were glad to be able to have her baptized while all four grandparents were here to watch.

Kevin worked half-days this week, and he and his dad have been working hard stripping trim and doors in the afternoons. That's about all the news, I think. Diaper change calls. :-)

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